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Reactivated! 17.06.2014 07:24:36

Diameter has been there for 9 years already, and the website was down for quite a while, but not anymore.
There's a tiny chance of a new version in 2015, just to celebrate 10 years.

New minor release 11.08.2008 10:22:22

In the new release compatibility with guichan 0.8.x has been carried out.

Added scripting mechanism... we're back 17.08.2006 22:38:46

So, after some rest, here we go:
+ Python scripting support
+ Working further on website and game plot

FreeBSD Port 29.06.2006 20:06:28

Port for FreeBSD:

New version!!! 22.06.2006 20:39:13

Ура вышла версия 0.3.5.
Release 0.3.5 version!


Work! 14.06.2006 14:23:08

Now i start develop script system for game and most change in AI.
Curent version now in SVN.

Dead silence of developers ... 04.06.2006 11:13:20

Sorry for not making any visible changes on site and project page for a few months :)
We are just busy with NVBTVRR (Not Virtual, But The Very Real Reality)
But I hope there will be updates soon.

Site functionality has been improved 21.05.2006 17:31:31

+ UTF support
tested on:
russian: русский
german: deutsch... hmm öäüßÖÄÜ
some japanese chars: 梅雨・ネット・ル

Photos and design 07.03.2006 22:12:43

+ user can set number of columns for "Photos"
- HTML properties for colors. All information about colors, border size and style, textures, fonts and so on now stored in CSS file => quick and easy style change.

It's growing 25.12.2005 20:41:11

+ multipage guestbook & newslog
+ new content

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